Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

     I'm so late to The Hunger Games party that it is kind of embarrassing. I just read the trilogy last weekend. Yes, last weekend. What makes it worse is that I have had the first book in the trilogy for almost an entire year. So, what made me FINALLY pick these up.  Well, first of all my cousin read them earlier this month, and  was raving about how good they were. Secondly, the movie is coming out TOMORROW - or midnight if you're lucky and don't have to work. I have always been one to read the book before the movie (unless the book is adapted from the movie-those don't count) so that I know the entire story. 
     It was a Saturday (last Saturday actually) and I was extremely bored at only 9pm. I glanced over and saw the glossy black cover and gold Mockingjay pen begging for me to pick it up. I caved. I figured, "I'll read for a couple of hours, then call it an early night." That was my exact thought. However, The Hunger Games had other plans. I read and read. I kept telling myself that after this chapter I'll stop. I was lying to myself. There was NO WAY I could put that book down. Every time I tried, my mind would immediately go to Katniss and Peeta and I would have to pick the book back up. Finally, at 4am, I was able to put it down. I had read the entire book in one sitting. I don't even remember if I got up for anything. As I finally put my head down on the pillow, I closed my eyes and immediately asked myself, "Where can I get Catching Fire?"
    To make a long story, a little shorter, I was just as enthralled with the second book. I read it in only 5 or 6 hours and then immediately finished up the trilogy with Mockingjay. Overall, I guess you can already tell I love this trilogy. I do. I do think, however, that The Hunger Games was the best of the books and that Mockingjay -while I enjoyed it and read if just as voraciously as the previous two books- was just a bit lacking. I can't quite put my finger on it, and I don't want to give away too much and ruin it for the one other person out there who is dragging their feet about reading these books. I think that the fact these books are geared towards young adults might be why I was a little less than satisfied at the end of Mockingjay
     If you were like me and avoided the books because of all they hype - I STILL have yet to make it through Twilight. I mean I've tried numerous times, but just can't do it. Pick up The Hunger Games. Buy them, borrow them, them. This is one of the few times the hype is worth it.


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