Saturday, September 29, 2012

Work gets in the sad

Work. I love my job, but sometimes it seriously cramps my ability to read for pleasure and then share my thoughts. I have been reading though. I've read several books that I've reviewed on Goodreads, but not here. Hopefully, I can make a serious dent in my TBR next weekend. Yep, taking a mini vacation w/ friends to the beach so books will be going with me for sure.

Goodreads links to the books I've read recently:

Gone by Michael Grant
Ashfall by Mike Mullin
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

All of the above books were good, but If I Lie and Ashfall were my faves.

I am currently reading:

Also, super excited that I won an ARC of The Turning from Epic Reads and a copy of Send from FictionFolio!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome Epic End of Summer Giveaway!

As a new book blogger, I've been searching for and finding lots of book blogs to follow. One of those blogs Tales of the Ravenous Reader is having a huge end of summer giveaway. Just click on the name, and it will take you there. I highly suggest you check it out. Lots of good books and other goodies will be given away. The giveaway ends September 22nd.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

From Amazon:

August 28, 2012
A dramatic and powerful novel that explores the gray space between truth and perception.
 Cheater. Traitor. Slut.
     Quinn’s done the unthinkable: she kissed a guy who is not Carey, her boyfriend. And she got caught. Shunned by everyone she knows, Quinn loses her friends, her reputation, and her identity. Because Carey’s not just any guy—he’s a Marine who’s serving overseas, and beloved by everyone in their small, military town.
     But Quinn didn’t cheat. She could clear her name, but that would mean revealing secrets she’s vowed to keep—secrets that aren’t hers to share. So she stays silent, and waits for Carey to come home.
     Then Carey goes MIA, and Quinn must decide how far she’ll go to protect her boyfriend…and her promise.

Last week I joined Pulse and was lucky enough to be able to read this book for free online. Where do I even begin with this book? It was so good that I devoured it in just two sittings. This book was just amazing!!

Sophia Topper Quinn is keeping a secret. A secret that if revealed, would free her of the town's scorn. However, Quinn is a much stronger person than I'd ever be, because she chooses loyalty to saving her own skin. I rooted for Quinn the entire time. I really felt for the character and, even though I'm not sure I could do it myself, the way she stuck to her guns. The character development throughout this book was extremely well done. I found myself falling in love with the cantankerous George. This book had me in tears, then crying through my tears, and finally left me with a smile. If you are looking for an amazing contemporary YA read, this is the book I would recommend. Read it. Read it now.

Even though I read this book for free, it is one I will definitely buy for my home library.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Let me start off by saying I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've seen every episode way too many times to mention on a public forum. So, when I saw this book at my local library I decided to give it a shot. The premise - 16 year old Evie works for an organization that tracks and captures supernatural beings, reminded me of a season of Buffy.

I wasn't disappointed in this book. I loved how Evie -even though she has a talent that makes her very special- only wants to be an ordinary girl. (I love how she is all about seeing a high school locker.) However, Evie's life is disrupted when someone starts killing the paranormals. To make matters worse, she is constantly on guard against her fairy ex-boyfriend Reth, and is developing feelings for the new shape-shifting prisoner Lend.

This book is the first in trilogy by Kiersten White. I have already got the other two books: Supernaturally and Endlessly on hold at my local library. If you like supernatural elements like fairies, shape-shifters, and werewolves, this book might just be for you.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #1

I'm officially new to all of this book blogging, as testified to by my very plain looking blog, but I am going to try my best to really get this going. I've seen this "Stacking the Shelves" meme on many book blogs that I know follow, so I decided to give it a go. So here we go, I proudly present my first ever Stacking the Shelves as started by Tyngas Reviews.

Today I hit the "local" (45 minutes away and the closest one to me) bookstore to get some much needed reading material. I didn't get what I wanted.....Inbetween by Tara Fuller....but I did get a few that I really wanted to read.

From Books-A-Million:

I know, I know, this isn't a YA read, but considering I started reading Koontz when I was still in high school, Watchers was my first (don't get me started on the HORRIBLE movie version), I had to get his newest work. I have read all of the other Odd Thomas novels and have loved each one. I can't wait to get into this one.

Ah, John Green. I fell in love with his first book Looking for Alaska and cried buckets over The Fault in Our Stars. Since those were the only two I have read so far, I picked up this one to read. At first I had picked up An Abundance of Katherines, but my cousin -who is just as big a reader as I am- told me her sister had it, so I plan on borrowing Katherines from her.
This book has been popping up all over the haul videos, book blogs, etc. I saw this and grabbed it up. I'm hoping this one is going to be a great read. My cousin has already called "next" on this one.

Target purchases:
This is another one that has been all over the book blogs. I was going to wait, but once I read the inside flap, I just had to get it.

I haven't heard of this book, but once I read the description, I just had to pick it up. I love the paranormal stuff, but I also like contemporary reads.

I was surprised when I stumbled across a remarkable good hardback of Twenty Boy Summer for only $1.99 at the Goodwill. My youngest cousin had just told me how awesome this book was, but she had borrowed the copy she read. 

I'm not sure what I'll start reading first, but I think it will either be Twenty Boy Summer or This is Not a Test.

What books have you added to your To Be Read pile?