Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fallen and Torment

Fallen angels, star crossed lovers, battles between good and evil.....what's not to love?

I started reading Fallen last weekend. I had purchased it during the summer and promptly placed it in my TBR pile. There it set for several months. When I finally picked it up, I had to ask myself why I had let it sit there so long. Maybe it was because I wasn't so sure about the topic of fallen angels, maybe I was worried it would be a little too Twilight-ish (sorry Twilight lovers, I tried several times to read it, but Bella's character just killed it for me.....sorry), anyway, whatever the reason I quickly found out that it didn't really apply to this novel.

The first few chapters moved a little slowly, but going in knowing that this was the first in a series I expected that. As I progressed through the book, I found myself not wanting to put it down at all...not even to sleep. I loved that the setting was not too far from where I live. I loved the fact that there was a little mystery to both Cam and Daniel. After falling in love with a strong-willed character like Katniss in The Hunger Games trilogy, Luce took a little getting used to. However, I did find myself pulling for Luce in the end. When I finished reading Fallen, I immediately started Torment, thanks to my cousin, and read it in only 2 days. With all series, in each book you learn more and more about the backstory. Torment didn't disappoint. We learn a little more about Daniel, Cam, and Luce. We are also introduced to new characters - Miles (who I don't entirely trust - I just can't put my finger on it) and Shelby. There are more characters, but these two are the most important to Luce.

I already have Passion, so I'm ready to get into third, and next to last, book in the series. I hope the mystery continues to unravel and the story continues to progress at a good pace. I hate getting into a series and my enthusiasm dies out because the quality goes downhill.

I give both of these books 4/5 stars. If you like YA Paranormal type books, check these out.

Keep Reading,
Kimmie :-) 

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