Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman

   Yes, occasionally I read cheesy romance novels! Well, actually this is a romance, but not so cheesy right now. It's a light, easy, beach read which is exactly what I wanted. The only bad thing, I started reading this one first. I have the first one in the series, but accidentally grabbed the wrong one off my TBR pile.
    Riley Brown has a job I would just love to have, she stages homes. She shows interested buyers the home's potential. When we first meet Riley, she has gotten herself into a rather perilous situation (can we just say out of control treadmill.....been there girl, been there) and is rescued by handsome writer Quinn Brannigan. Of course, sparks fly at their initial meeting. However, this isn't a Harlequin where this is very little plot and lots of sex. The characters don't immediately fall in bed together...which I liked.  I could also relate to Riley, who like most of us, has been burned by a previous relationship. If you are looking for a fun, fluffy read with a believable plot, you'll like this book.

Kimmie :-)

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